The Best of Lululemon (So far)

Ah lululemon, where to start.

Some days I think Lululemon is overpriced and overrated. And then the next day I’ll go on their app and have $826 worth of clothing in my cart.

While some stuff is expensive, especially compared to the quality, there are definitely pieces I gravitate towards and can’t get enough of.

The WFH staple - Lululemon Aligns

Shocking? Probably not. When you think of Lululemon products, you probably think of the Aligns. They're soft, good to lounge in, and the black is pretty much almost in stock and goes with everything.

The winter morning coffee run - Align Joggers

Similar feel to the leggings, but these just fit like a glove. They're flattering on the calves, legs, and butt.

The summer morning coffee run - Tracker Shorts

Not sure why high-rise running shorts didn't exist before but these are great. Not super compressive, flattering on the legs, long enough that you shouldn't be worried about bending over and revealing too much. I will say if you hate the underwear lining that comes in shorts - skip these.

The perfect combo - Short Length Racer + 6” Aligns

Loveee this combo! I wear it to hot yoga every week and it keeps everything in, without being too compressive at the same time. The Short Length Cool Racerback is a game-changer. It hits at the perfect length and flares out a tiny bit at the bottom so when you pair it with the align shorts, it's not tight on tight.

Warm winter coat that doesn't make you look like a marshmallow - Another Mile Jacket

This coat is SO flattering. I'm obsessed. It also keeps me super warm when I'm out for walks in the cold New England and is a great option when you're not looking for a full-length coat. It hugs you so perfectly coming in around the waist and slightly flaring out at the end. Highly recommend this and the vest version as well!

Honorable Mentions:

Align Bra

Everywhere Belt Bag

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