The BEST Bodysuit Ever (Skims Dupe)

We’ve all heard of skims. How flattering the bodysuits and tank tops are, how the suck you in and smooth everything out, and I do have a few things from Skims that are really cute and I do like them.

But, what if I told you, you could get the same smooth bodysuit for just $24 (instead of $60). And, it would arrive in a day (although I feel like amazon prime, hasn’t been so prime recently).

This bodysuit from ReoRia is to die for. It’s soft, sleek, double lined so you can get away without wearing a bra and have your boobs lifted !! I personally love the high neck too it’s super flattering from the shoulders down to the waist.

Love the bodysuit but don’t want to worry about going to the bathroom, unclipping, and strangling your hand around your body to reclip it? Well it comes in a tank top version too that’s just as flattering!

Get one, get both, get both in every color - you won’t regret it.

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