Morning Routine Must-Haves

A good morning routine actually starts the night before. Every night before I head to bed I make sure to:

  • Set my clothes out for the next day

  • Create a TDL for tomorrow (I use these TDL notepads!)

These both take about two minutes but save me so much time in the morning. Writing out a TDL also helps me clear my head knowing I'm going to get everything done ahead of time and holds me accountable.

When it comes to the morning, here are my essentials:

Probably a weird thing to start off this list with, but I love my tongue scraper - lol. It's great in the morning for cleaning out your mouth after a long night of sleep! It's amazing for oral hygiene and actually great for your immune system as well!

This journal is amazing especially if journaling seems intimidating to you, it's quick, it provides the prompts, and it gets you thinking in a positive headspace.

I LOVE this app. It's a different approach than maybe your regular meditation apps due to the numerous categories it has. There are "chillin'" meditation which are perfect for when you're getting ready. Or, there are journaling, walking, or seated meditations, all great to start your day!

  • Read a few pages (5 min)

This could be any type of reading! Maybe you prefer podcasts, or audio books- so choose that! I like to flip through a few pages of a non-fiction book in the mornings. Right now i'm reading Jim Collins' Good to Great!

  • Movement (15 - 60 min)

About 4 days a week, I go to the gym and do circuits and/or lift weights! So those are the days when those workouts are longer, or if I take a class somewhere. But, other days it could be a walk and pilates, or just pilates. Something is better than nothing and movement is a must for me in the morning!

  • Cold shower (3 min)

I swear by these! They boost your energy levels like crazy! And they're also great for keeping your hair and skin looking shiny and bright. Check out the post I did here on the benefits of cold (and hot) showers for more info.

While some of these are over-hyped, and this is definitely NOT a must. I do love my greens in my morning routine. I am currently using Organifi and I actually DO enjoy the taste. It's not super gritty and it doesn't taste like dirt! I also add a splash of ACV for the blood sugar balancing benefits.

Try this coffee and I swear you'll never want to buy coffee out again! This is my go to coffee at home! You can learn more about it here.

All together this morning routine takes me max about an hour and a half. Which may seem like a lot, but starting your mornings off right, can save you a lot of time throughout the day. Add your favorite aspects in starting today and let me know your favorite part of your routine!

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