I used to love love love going out for coffee, and don’t get me wrong, I still love to try new places and the ambiance of coffee shops is just unbeatable.

However, the weekly Starbucks or Dunkin trip does not interest me anymore now that I’ve mastered the best at home iced coffee.

I mean truly, it’s the best. I’ve gone out for coffee and come home and still made this because it’s unbeatable.

Now, I just made a feel about this so if you prefer the visual step by step - check it out here, but I have an extra tip that’s not in the reel coming in this post here.

Ingredients: iced coffee / cold brew , non dairy milk (can use dairy I like Malk organics, Three Wishes, or Silk Cashew), Truvani Vanilla Protein Powder (optional but also not really)

Other: ice cube tray , frother (nespresso preferred!)

Start the night before by freezing a few cubes of iced coffee and of your milk (you can also do this in bulk to make for multiple days).

The next morning you’ll jump out of bed with excitement because you’re about to have the best coffee of your life.

Get a tall glass, add some coffee & milk cubes.

grab your frother (if it’s handheld grab separate cup) put your milk and Truvani protein powder in. If you’re using the nespresso, hold down for til you see a blue light for cold foam!

Then, pour the milk / protein over the cubes (do not pour the coffee first)

After the milks poured, then add the coffee

Grab a straw, stir it around and enjoy!!!

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